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Innovative Traceability

In a traditional supply chain, each entity interacts with heterogeneous and often unrelated systems. (standalone software)
Instead, within a single ecosystem using the same protocol, a transparent and efficient result is obtained.

With 1Trueid we embed a Digital DNA (QR code or RFID/NFC) at the origin making the lot number much more consistent also usable as a marketing tool, (one to one communication and customer engagement)

This is presently a project that requires a pre analysis and relevant costs in view to integrate all necessary information to your ERP, eventually CRM, and that gives you real-time visibility of all documentation, and to manage it in terms of internal and external communication.

Top Fashion brands actually use this in all of their products to monitor fakes, post sales services, grey channels and to emphasize their customer engagement

All data are secured, encrypted and of your property.